Michael Ende's Jim Button – Journey through Morrowland
· Extension of the German themed area
· Former attraction Old 99 with circus parade given new theming
based on Michael Ende's novel Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
· Extensive structural changes to the family attraction
· Two big mountains, 6 and 8 metres high
· 9 scenes from the movie
· 7 animatronics

From the start of the 2018 season, Germany’s most well-known train driver Luke, and his best friend Jim Knopf, guarantee plenty of exciting train rides at Europa-Park. The two main characters from Michael Ende's classic children's book invite passengers aboard in the German themed area. Traveling past mighty mountains and lovingly-designed houses, the family attraction ‘Jim Button - Journey through Morrowland’ is a great adventure for young and old alike, and makes ‘one island with two mountains’ an exciting and interactive experience.

Starting during the 2017 winter season, visitors to Germany’s largest theme park will get the unique opportunity to experience a brand new interactive animation. Paddington, the beloved cartoon bear, will be on-hand to greet guests on the Alpenexpress Coastiality ride. Visitors can immerse themselves fully in the animation and even influence the ride through movements of their head. With this addition, Europa-Park expands its Coastiality offering on the popular ride to four experiences, all produced by MackMedia. Paddington, first made famous in the well-known children’s book, can also be found in many variations opposite of the Globe Theatre in the English themed area from the beginning of the winter season. From the 2018 summer season, Europa-Park will also present a brand new ice show with Paddington once again taking centre stage to entertain the whole family.

The season of ghosts and witches doesn’t stop for Germany’s largest theme park: from 23rd September 2017 to 5th November 2017, Europa-Park transforms into a mysterious autumnal landscape, in which eerie figures and demonic nightmares drift throughout. The attractions, the parade, and the show program are all adopting to the spooky season, like the gastronomy and the park’s five themed hotels. In the new horror nights ‒ Traumatica (from 20th September to the 4th November), evil takes power and escorts fearless visitors into a world after the Apocalypse.

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2018 - Press conference 22 March

2018 - Press conference 22 March 2018 - Press conference 22 March 2018 - Press conference 22 March 2018 - Press conference 22 March 2018 - Press conference 22 March